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ibis Wien Maraihilf is an eventlocation for music and comedy events. In addition to hosting numerous events, we always want to offer our guests new fantastic moments. Below you will find a detailed insight into the upcoming events in our program. You can book your tickets directly via the link "buy ticket". With our event experience we prepare you - around the stage and in coordination the evening - appropriate atmosphere, service and catering from our house.

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24 February, 2023

Gregor Seberg – „Gregor Sebergs Schatzkiste“

After 5 cabaret solo programs so far, Gregor Seberg unpacks his treasure chest! There may not be missing Gérard, who as a Frenchman of course talks about love, we visit the favorite state of Gregor (which of course changes daily), he will let off about his first kiss and of course there is also a bit of animal researcher Gregor when he tells of his lucky animal, the honey badger.

He already has a bit to tell and more. And because that's not enough, every evening there's also always something new that needs to be taken apart, re-nested, turned upside down again and seen in a different light. Because we know (and love) him for improvising and goofing around for and with the audience.

Price: 32€

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18 March, 2023

David Strauss - Show-Vernissage

International artist David Strauss presents his paintings as part of a "Vernissage of a special kind".

As a show act, Julia Ivanova sings queen songs with a new drive.

The X-FACTOR participant from Ukraine already rocked big European stages.

Incl. food and aperitif

Price: 39€

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David Strauss

17 April, 2023

Michael Buchinger – „Ein bisschen Hass muss sein“

Who likes to listen to happy people talking about rainbows, sunflower fields and other boring things they love with all their heart? No one! So it's no wonder that Buchinger's legendary "Hate List" has been thrilling the internet since 2013 and can now finally be experienced LIVE on stage. on stage. From people who chatter loudly in the cinema, to aggressive organic lovers who want to foist disgusting "chickpea cookies" on you, to those who pronounce gnocchi as "knotschi," no one is safe from their hatred. hatred.

Peppered with personal anecdotes from his wild life, the comedian describes the numerous little situations of everyday life that so often get on our nerves. An evening to laugh and be annoyed with, which confirms once again what Michael Buchinger has known for a long time: A little hate is a must!

Price: 32€

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Michael Buchinger

01 June, 2023

Magda Leeb and Gregor Seberg - „Doppelbuchung “

The cancellations of the past months have caused a backlog of dates in a class of its own. All artists want to get back on stage as soon as possible! And then it comes as it must:

Due to an error, two solo pieces are on the program on one play date. Experience what happens when a woman and a man, who thought the evening and the stage belonged to them alone, very quickly have to pull a joint show out of their sleeves. The only thing that helps is improvisation.

Making "the best of two worlds," as the saying goes.

Price: 32€

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Magda Leeb und Gregor Seberg

17 March, 2023

Grubers World

The Gruber couple - having learned a year ago that their son Emil wants to marry
now learn that he suddenly wants a divorce. This is the beginning of an absolutely crazy, not heartbreaking story, but one which guarantees a laugh-out-loud evening.

"GRUBERS WELT 23" was penned by SIMPL audience favourite Roman Frankl, who
who has not only been on stage himself thousands of times in this cabaret, but has also performed the legendary SIMPL sketches and countless texts for Michael Niavarani, Christoph Fälbl, Viktor Gernot, Gregor Seberg or Steinböck & Rudle.
His collaboration with Michael Niavarani also resulted in the successful comedy RESET - Everything from the beginning!

And as if it wasn't bad enough already, one day he forced his colleague,
Alexandra Schmid, the grand dame of the SIMPL cabaret, who shone there for 14 years in 3,782 performances. 3,782 performances, to change her name. And with what? - With his marriage proposal. "GRUBERS WELT 23" with Roman, Alexandra & Mark Frankl is thus a child of all kinds ofturbulences that have swirled around the SIMPL cabaret over the last 30 years. A fantastic evening. Have fun!

Price: 32€

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Grubers Welt
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