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Land of the plates...

Do you know the Viennese kitchen?
"You've got it good, you can go to the coffee house!"
- Emperor Franz Joseph I
Vienna's cuisine is as typical and unique as its population: influences from all neighbouring countries are integrated and become an integral part of the tradition. Yes, Vienna's cuisine is quintessentially Austrian and yet international. Here we have explained the most important recipes that everyone should know:

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Viennese Schnitzel:

Probably the best-known Viennese dish, the original is breaded veal that is pan-fried rather than deep-fried. The side dishes are typically potatoes in all variations or rice. In any case, it is served with a piece of lemon.
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Frittata soup:

According to the wording, "frittatas" are deep-fried. In a Viennese frittata soup, however, they are pancakes (Austrian pancakes) cut into strips.
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Tafelspitz: (Boiled beef)

Tafelspitz is a special cut of beef from the rear rump. It is typically cooked in a beef broth and served with potatoes, chive sauce and/or horseradish.
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Although goulash originated in Hungary, it has long been an integral part of traditional Viennese cuisine. The beef is cooked for several hours with onions and paprika and pepper and served in the juice.
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"Beuschel" was originally the term for calf's lung and over time has come to mean the entirety of all dishes with offal. Traditional Viennese salon beuschel is still prepared with veal lung today.
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Gießnockerl soup:

Semolina is basically nothing more than coarsely ground flour. With water and spices, it can be formed into the typical „Nockerl“ (dumplings), which are suitable as soup ingredients or the basis for many sweet recipes.
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Onion roast:

For a typical Viennese onion roast, the veal is fried in butter. Shallots are fried until crispy and served with the meat together with roast potatoes and gherkin mustard.
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Palatschinken: (Pancakes)

Known elsewhere as "pancakes" or "crêpes", pancakes are an omnipresent sweet dish in Austria. They are usually spread with apricot or other jam and rolled.
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Apple strudel:

In addition to apples, this strudel roll contains a number of other ingredients such as sultanas, nuts, breadcrumbs, cinnamon, cloves or other ingredients. As so often, there is disagreement about the best recipe.
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The basis for Kaiserschmarrn is the same dough as for pancakes. This is first baked, cut into pieces and then caramelised again with sugar. With or without sultanas is a matter of taste.
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Sacher cake:

The original recipe for Sachertorte dates back to the early 19th century. It is a plain chocolate cake with a layer of apricot jam in the middle.
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Originally from the Czech Republic, "buchtičky" have established themselves in Vienna as Buchteln. The airy dough cubes can be combined with a wide variety of sweet sauces and jams.
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The traditional Manner company has been making the rectangular wafers in Vienna since the 19th century. The wafer consists of five wafers with hazelnut cream in between.
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